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Fractional CTO:
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With Metrotechs' Fractional CTO services, embrace the power of strategic tech leadership. Propel your business with pivotal insights and tech intelligence without the overhead of a full-time CTO.

About Fractional CTO Services

The Process

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Blueprints for Digital Success

Our Fractional CTO services begin with an in-depth analysis of your technical requirements, paving the way for transformative digital strategies that resonate with your company's operational needs.

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Innovative Tech Solutions

Witness the translation of strategies into actionable solutions with our Fractional CTO service, addressing key pain points, from website development to innovative e-commerce solutions.

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Tangible Business Transformation

Leverage the seasoned expertise of a Chief Technology Officer to foster impactful tech development, ensuring your business stays agile and ahead in a rapidly evolving digital arena.

We've helped thousands of people like you launch and scale their brands online.

“I'm a total newbie when it comes to building websites and handling online marketing, but Metrotechs made it all so easy and approachable. From domain registration to WordPress set-up, they held my hand through it all. And their local SEO is the cherry on top. My local bakery is finally getting the attention it deserves! Thanks, Metrotechs fam!”

Tammy Gruver

Cooper Street Bakery - Arlington, TX.
“I'm not one to write reviews, but Metrotechs deserves all the praise I can give! Their services are top-notch, and the customer support is out of this world. They've helped me streamline my online presence and boost my search rankings like nobody's business. Seriously, if you're not using Metrotechs, you're missing out big time.”

Dustin Nichols

Blacksmith Blades - Lewisville, TX.

Benefits of Fractional CTO Services

A Fractional CTO catalyzes growth through strategic tech alignment and innovation, while managing risk and bolstering your tech team's expertise. This high-caliber guidance optimizes your tech investments, ensuring business agility and a stronghold on competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Enhanced Strategy

A Fractional CTO provides a roadmap for technology that is closely aligned with the unique needs and goals of your business, ensuring that each tech initiative supports growth and efficiency.

Risk Mitigation

With deep expertise in the tech landscape, a Fractional CTO understands the potential risks associated with technology decisions and works proactively to mitigate them, thereby securing your business interests.

Rapid Innovation

Access to veteran tech leadership can accelerate the rate of innovation within your company. A Fractional CTO can swiftly identify and implement cutting-edge solutions that give your business a competitive edge.

Talent Development

A Fractional CTO can mentor your existing tech team, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, which builds your in-house capabilities and prepares your team for future challenges.

Why Hire Us?

If you're seeking strategic technological leadership tailored for your business, Metrotechs is your go-to partner. We excel in providing Fractional CTO services that align with your unique business objectives, working closely with your team to drive sustainable growth and innovation.

Tailored Solutions

At Metrotechs, we recognize the distinct needs of each business. Our approach is to customize a technology strategy that fits your precise goals and challenges. With a Fractional CTO from our team, you'll receive a bespoke tech roadmap that distinguishes your operations and equips you with a competitive edge.

Expertise & Experience

Leverage over a decade of experience with Metrotechs' veteran industry professionals. Our Fractional CTOs are well-versed in leading-edge technologies and possess the expertise needed to elevate your business through strategic tech deployments, ensuring your company stays ahead of the curve.

Affordable Pricing

Understanding the financial constraints of small businesses, we offer Fractional CTO services that provide executive-level expertise at a fraction of the cost. We aim to deliver top-notch strategic guidance within your budget, optimizing your return on investment when it comes to technology.

Customer Satisfaction

Your success is our mission. As your Fractional CTO, we integrate with your team and work hand-in-hand to actualize your vision. Our commitment to client satisfaction means we're dedicated to providing not just solutions, but ongoing support and advice to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape effectively. With Metrotechs, you have a reliable technology ally by your side.

Fractional CTO services ensure that your business is prepared for growth and prepared for the future.

Industries We Specialize In


A Fractional CTO drives tech innovation for e-commerce businesses, ensuring a scalable and secure online infrastructure. They focus on optimizing sales funnels, implementing advanced data analytics for customer insights, and crafting seamless omnichannel shopping experiences to boost retention and conversion rates.


In the healthcare sector, a Fractional CTO integrates and secures Health IT systems, orchestrates telehealth services, and ensures compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA. They play a crucial role in advancing patient care through technology, streamlining both backend operations and patient-facing systems.

Real Estate

For real estate firms, a Fractional CTO develops and deploys custom CRM and ERP solutions, oversees virtual tour technologies, and enhances property listing databases. They provide technological leadership in managing big data for market analysis and creating immersive and interactive client experiences.

Travel & Hospitality

Within travel and hospitality, a Fractional CTO can implement bespoke booking engines, optimize yield management systems with AI, and curate digital guest experiences. Their role in harnessing tech trends like VR for virtual tours significantly elevates brand presence and customer engagement.

Financial Services

A Fractional CTO in financial services ensures robust cybersecurity measures, leads fintech integrations, and oversees regulatory compliance from a technological standpoint. They streamline online transactions and client services, focusing on user experience and financial data protection..

Non-Profit Organizations

For non-profits, a Fractional CTO can leverage technology to scale impact, optimizing donor platforms, implementing social media strategies for broader reach, and introducing data-driven decision-making tools. Their tech oversight enhances the organization's effectiveness and operational efficiency.


In the restaurant industry, a Fractional CTO is key to implementing POS systems integration, developing digital ordering and delivery ecosystems, and analyzing customer data to inform business strategies. They ensure a technology-driven approach to customer service and back-end operations.

Professional Services

A Fractional CTO in professional services tailors technological solutions to enhance client engagement, secure sensitive communications, and automate workflow processes. They focus on data security and tech solutions that preserve client confidentiality while improving service delivery.

Education & Training

For educational institutions and training platforms, a Fractional CTO spearheads the development of online learning environments, LMS integrations, and adaptive learning technologies. Their strategic planning ensures that tech advancements support student engagement and academic success.

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