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Strategies That Work

Your Partner in Online Growth

At Metrotechs, we believe every business deserves to thrive online. Whether you're just getting started or looking to grow, we offer a suite of free and easy-to-use tools designed to help you build, launch, and scale. From creating stunning websites and driving traffic to creating engaging content and even QR codes, we are here to support you every step of the way. Join our community of entrepreneurs and let’s turn your vision into reality.

How we help you

Metrotechs gives you back your most precious resource—time. With us on your team, you can focus on strategic decisions, product development, customer relationships, and scaling your business.

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Improved ability to personalize products and content


Average reduction in cost per click in PPC campaigns


Improvement in deriving insights from data

The Team

At Metrotechs, our dedicated team of experts works to build, launch, and scale your online presence. They bring a blend of technical skills and creativity to offer personalized solutions for your business needs, making us an integral part of your entrepreneurial journey.

The Tools

Our platform has more than 200 resources to help you build your e-commerce business. Build your brand with the AI-Powered Brand Builder. Launch your business with the Launchpad. Create QR codes, downloadable vCards, personalized landing pages, and a lot more with the Toolbox.

The Tech

Metrotechs leverages cutting-edge technology, including artifical intelligence for automated content creation and research, cloud computing for scalable and reliable web hosting services, real-time data analytics for insightful performance tracking, and advanced security measures, to provide a seamless, robust, and user-centric platform for building, launching, and scaling your online business.

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Brand Builder

The Brand Builder is packed with AI-powered tools that automate and simplify market research, content creation, data analysis, and more.

Amplify your productivity

Our clients get unlimited access to the Brand Builder.

  • Personalize Your Brand
  • Automate Content Creation
  • Create Voiceovers and Video Scripts
  • Analyze Documents (PDF, CSV, etc.)
  • Create Personalized AI Bots
  • Create High-Quality Images
  • and a lot more!


From startups to established enterprises, it's easy to leverage Metrotechs to strengthen your online presence, increase sales, and improve your customers' experience.

A solution that grows with you

Host a small business, corporate, or e-commerce website, maintain professionalism with branded email services, protect your digital assets, and collaborate with your team.

  • WordPress Website Hosting
  • CodeGuard Website Backup
  • OX App Suite (Email, Docs, Storage)
  • XOVI Now SEO Suite
  • SiteLock Website Security
  • Email Spam Blocker and Security
  • NordVPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • 360 Site and Server Monitoring
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Growth at your fingertips

140+ Tools

🔗 Create Short Links 📱 Bio Pages 🤳 Custom QR Codes 👤 Share Vcards 📃 Transfer Files 🧑‍💻 Host HTML Sites 🖼️ Compress & Convert Images and a lot more

Get found online with XOVI

You don't have to be an SEO expert to improve your website's Google rankings. XOVI NOW will identify the best keywords for your business while also keeping an eye on the performance of your competitors.

Create a hub with WordPress

The most popular platforms easily integrate with WordPress, giving you a professional website and a central location for your most important tools, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

business application icons including mailchimp, hubspot, facebook, and google analytics.

Integrates with popular tools

WordPress seamlessly integrates with the most popular platforms including HubSpot, ShipStation, and Google Analytics.

Automates operations
  • HubSpot: It helps manage leads and analyze website traffic, offering tools for email marketing, customer service, automation, and so on.
  • Google Analytics: A tool for understanding user interaction by tracking visits, user behavior, conversion rates, and more.
  • Mailchimp: An email marketing tool that gives you the capacity to expand your email list, engage your audience, and track email performance.
  • ShipStation: An essential tool for eCommerce businesses to automate the shipping process, manage orders and provide shipping status.
Build it

Start by developing your e-commerce concept into a viable product and an engaging online store. Use tools like Brand Builder to create a strong brand and prepare your site with essential features for a great shopping experience.

Launch it

Implement a strategic launch to generate excitement and draw initial traffic to your site. Employ SEO, email marketing, and social media to spread the word. The Launchpad can optimize your site for peak performance and visibility from day one.

Scale it

Focus on growth and optimization by tracking important user data, search traffic, understanding customer behaviors, refining your offerings, expanding market reach, and streamlining operations for scalability.

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